Kurt Cobain’s daughter and visual artist, Frances Bean Cobain, has shared a new photo of herself on the death anniversary of Kurt and disappointed the fans.

As you might remember, Kurt Cobain passed away 26 years ago yesterday and left his legacy into this world with his iconic songs and character.

Instead of mourning Kurt, Frances has shared a photo of herself and looking happy in the picture. After seeing this, the fans were disappointed and didn’t understand why she didn’t respect his legacy.

Here is what Frances Bean Cobain captioned:

“Have a lovely day.”

Photo Credit: Frances Bean Cobain – Instagram

In February on the birthday of Kurt Coban, Frances Bean Cobain has shared a touching picture of themselves on her official Instagram account and mourned his dad.

As you can see in the picture, Kurt was holding Frances on his hands and looking so adorable. Also, she put a hearth on the caption of the picture and showed her love for Kurt. Click here for the details.