Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain’s lovely daughter and also talented musician just like his father, Frances-Bean Cobain, posted a couple of new photos on her Instagram Stories and continued to seek justice for George Floyd.

Due to the tragic and devastating death of George Floyd, almost every single member of our community is sending meaningful messages to black people and the whole American nation.

Today, Frances shared a crucial phone number to charge the officers who killed George Floyd with their bare hands. Here is what’s written on the photo she posted:

“Call 612-324-4499. Deman country attorney Michael Freeman must use his power to arrest and charge the police officers responsible for the murder of George Floyd.

George Floyd was a peace activist and a respected community leader. He was far from his home in Houston when he was murdered in broad daylight by Minneapolis police.”

You can check out the photo by yourself right below.

Photo Credit: Frances-Bean Cobain – Instagram