Nirvana’s legendary late frontman Kurt Cobain’s daughter and a famous social media personality, Frances Bean Cobain, posted a new video on her official Instagram Stories and mocked United States presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

As you might all know that the whole community is under self-quarantine for some time because of the coronavirus outbreak. Frances shares her first-ever video after the outbreak has begun.

Here is what’s written on the video:

“My impression of Bernie Sanders as an ear of corn…

Isolation is going well.”

You can watch the video of Frances right below.

Last month, Frances-Bean Cobain’s lovely mother Courtney Love has shared a photo with her daughter on her official Instagram and made everybody emotional with this frame.

As you can see in the picture below, Courtney was hugging Frances like she is protecting her from all the danger.

Besides the beauty of this, everybody was captivated by the emotion in this picture. Also, Courtney wrote a letter for her daughter and showed how much she loves Frances.

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