The late Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain and former Hole dancer Courtney Love’s lovely daughter and also musician, Frances-Bean Cobain has posted a couple of Instagram Stories today and shared the details of why she had to flip off to her teabag.

You may check out the photos she shared below, she showed off the message she’s seen the message on her teabag says ‘Peace of mind comes piece by piece.’ and later on, the teabag has broken all of a sudden.

This way, Frances remembered her mental health issues and mocked the situation. Here is what she wrote on her first message:

“This was attached to my yogi tea and made me cry happy tears because I’ve been going through some mental health stuff…”

Later on, Frances-Bean showed off how her teabag was broken and she flipped off to her broken tea bag for letting her down. She wrote this on her other Instagram Stories:

“…And then the teabag broke and made me laugh like Seth Rogen.”

You can check out Frances’ latest Instagram Stories photos below.

Photo Credit: Frances-Bean Cobain – Instagram Stories