The iconic late star of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain’s daughter and famous social media personality, Frances Bean Cobain, has added another Instagram Stories post via her verified and official account.

In the story, Frances Bean Cobain was sharing the meaningful aphorism of Ziya Tong who is a successful Canadian television personality. But, she didn’t write or add anything to this post.

Here’s what written on the story:

“The iron that makes our blood red was made in the final moments before a star died.

For all of us, then, our very lifeblood began with a spectacular death in a solar system.”

You can see the post of Frances Bean Cobain right below.

A few weeks ago, Frances Bean Cobain, had shared the video series on Instagram Stories and mesmerized the followers by her secret talent, which is playing the harp.

As you might see in the video right below, Frances had appeared in a full black classic dress, showing off her incredible talent for the fans. Also, she didn’t give any details of her talent or video.

You can watch the video right below.