The daughter of Kurt Cobain and former Hole musician Courtney Love, Frances-Bean Cobain, has shared a bunch of new Instagram Stories and unveiled her unreleased song for the first time ever.

As she sent her latest song as the five parts, she did not give away any information about neither the name of it nor the release date. However, it seems that the song will be a melancholic one as we’re used to hearing from Frances-Bean.

Here are the lyrics of the song:

“I hold onto myself
Like a lonely passenger
I would let go but My mind is a terrible master
I have faith in the guarantee of not knowing.”

You can watch the merged videos of Frances’ right below.

Last month, Frances Bean Cobain took to her official Instagram account and supported her long-time buddy Tony Kestaneda after he lost his child in January.

Here is her emotional letter:

“My sweet friend Tony Kastaneda created a musical & visual tribute for his son Nico, who passed away in January.

He asked me to share it with the hopes that through his journey of pain & healing, maybe it could be healing for others too. Love you, Tony.”

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