Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain’s lovely daughter and famous personality on social media, Frances Bean Cobain, has shared a recent photo of her new tattoo via the official Instagram page.

Actually, the photos were shared by the Instagram account of Handpoke Tattoos. In the poses, Frances Bean Cobain was showing her new tattoo to the followers.

Later, Frances has seen these photos and posted them on her own Instagram page and showed her new tattoo called ‘Sparkle Rows.

Frances didn’t give away many details with the photo. However, here’s what Handpoke Tattoo captioned with that frame:

“Sparkle rows from flash. Thanks so much, @thespacewitch ✨✨✨ done at @visualizehappiness #machinefree #handpoked.”

You can see the Instagram post of Handpoke right below.

You can see the latest Instagram Stories photo of Frances below.