During a recent interview with What’s The Tee? podcast, Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has opened up about her battle with drug addiction.

Frances also shared a sad truth about her mother, Courtney Love. She said that ‘Courtney is a very loud drug addict’. Here’s the statement:

“And it was headlines everywhere. The kind of drug addict I was the type that nobody knew I was a drug addict because I was at my house, by myself whereas Courtney is a very loud drug addict, likes to expose herself in that way and her antics are sort of louder than mine.

So, when I stepped away from all those antics, I was looking for the most normal thing that I could find.”

Interviewer said ‘You mentioned being an addict. Are you in a twelve step program?’, Frances responded:

“Yeah, the thing about the twelve step program specifically for me is that it provides a sense of structure. It’s almost like school in the sense that my brain doesn’t work in the normal confines of societal structure.

So I have sober companions and people who are sober that I talk with and communicate with. Some do the twelve steps and some don’t. I like to take certain aspects of the twelve steps, so I keep myself accountable, channeling my fanatical, addictive personality and tendencies into really healthy things and learning how to construct my life for a higher spiritual purpose.

So those are tools that I find to be really helpful. What I don’t particularly find helpful for myself is attending meetings every single week because I have a free-flowing understanding of communication with those who are sober in my life. So it’s almost like I have my own meetings set up, just independently.

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