During the recent episode of RuPaul’s podcast, Daughter of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain talked about the relationship with her mother, Courtney Love. She also revealed the little-known side of Love.

Frances said that ‘Courtney Love is highly self-destructive’. Here’s the statement:

“My mom, when my mom is on a right and healthy path she is one of the most fulfilling, beautiful, intelligent, kind people that I have ever met. The thing with as somebody who is as smart as she is, is that she doesn’t know how to sit with herself.

She is so deeply empathetic and so intelligent that when she has to sit inside of her skin, she doesn’t know how to handle that. So, she is highly self-destructive as a result of not knowing what to do with all that information and feeling.”

Frances Bean continued:

“I am somebody who only wants to provide the role for her, as somebody who loves her, who supports her and has non-judgmental understanding of empathy and compassion that perhaps nobody else in her life has.

I don’t want to control her, I don’t want her to do one thing or another and I also don’t want to expect that my opinions will deter her decisions. I want our relationship to based on communication, and…”

RuPaul said ‘Truth?’, Frances Bean responded:

“And Truth, and awareness that how our actions affect the other person. So, she’s a really good person and I like to think this is what I like to call the era of balance and that we are bringing in the era of balance.”

RuPaul asked ‘So, that’s a very evolved point of view. When did you land on that relationship with your mother?’, Frances Bean replied:

Oh my God, it took so long! I was so fucking bitter, angry, upset and resentful for a really long time but I had a really transformative shift in thinking, right? When bad stuff happens, as opposed to thinking is “why is this happening to me”, I started thinking “what is this trying to teach me”?

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