Speaking to What’s the Tee? podcast, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain has shared some interesting statements about the Kardashians.

She said that ‘the Kardashian and her family fills very specific role for today’s society’, and she’s all fine about it.

Here’s the statement:

“The reality is though that the people who give my art, music or voice a chance, I think what keeps people interested is it’s not replicating somebody else’s thing. Like some people like to talk about “their brand”, right? My brand is authenticity. That is what I’m trying to provide in the service of this world because it’s so very lacking in the age of the Kardashian.

And it’s fine, Kim Kardashian and her family fill that very specific role for a reason but everything is so saturated, filtered, conceived and what people are really thirsty for, I think, in an artistic way is being able to see people for who they are and all of the messy bits involved.”

You can listen to the entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement.

Back in November 2018, Ozzy Osbourne spoke in an interview with Nikki Sixx and explained his wife Sharon Osbourne’s thoughts on Kardashians. He said:

“I said to my wife ‘What is it with these Kardashians? I don’t understand it!’ She said ‘They’ve become very famous for doing nothing, just for being a family.’

And that’s the thing in America, everybody wants to be a celebrity without doing anything.”

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