During the recent interview with Independent.ie, daughter of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean Cobain, has expressed her feelings about dad’s private journals.

Interviewer asked what she learned from her late dad’s journals and Frances Bean responded:

“I don’t look through his journals. It feels too intimate. I am really regretful that my mom put those out there. I know it was her way of trying to contribute his personal thoughts and I know that people really want to know that.

I can’t imagine being dead and having people know my intimate thoughts. What an invasion of privacy, I don’t think it is merited especially since in his art he decided not to put out that thinking. It is a different thing to get to know him through his art, a deliberate public extension of himself.

As an artist you sign an unspoken contract putting your art into the custody of everybody else. That’s the deal with being an artist. I really enjoy his art but I find it is a lot harder to connect to his private journals. It feels like an invasion of privacy to me. And I don’t know if he would have wanted people reading all those personal, deep, dark thoughts.”

On her first childhood memory, she said:

“I think my first memory is being three, and we had a faux fur foam chair with a face on it. It was Cherry from Pee Wee’s Playhouse. I had an Elmo doll and I wrapped it in a blanket and I was playing baby.

I was using the chair as a crib for the baby. That’s my first memory. I don’t have any memories of my dad. But that is the first memory of my whole life.”

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