Kurt Cobain’s ex-girlfriend Mary Lou Lord making a podcast (How The Hell Did That Happen?) with Maryanne Windows for 4 months.

In the recent podcast, Mary Lou Lord called out Bush as a Nirvana rip off. Here is what she says on the podcast (Alternative Nation transcribed):

“There was so much that came out at that time, that it was really hard to keep up with it. There were the imitators like Bush, just these imitation kind of Nirvana bands that came along after.”

Right before Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr. were a big one that I loved, and the Pixies, and of course the Replacements and stuff like that.

Also loving Neil Young and the Grateful Dead, and something had to give, the floodgates were about to open, and it was Nirvana who pushed those doors open.”

You can hear Led Zeppelin, you can hear Black Sabbath, everything was there. I know it’s dorky, but Joni Mitchell says songs are like children.

Inherently these songs that people do are going to have elements that look like and sound like what they listened to, of course. So you’ll hear something, and immediately it will be familiar.

You are like, why do I like this and how do I know this? What you’re looking at is a second generation of something you already know and love, so it’s going to hook you, and I think Nirvana did that.”

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