Kurt Cobain’s widow and the retired successful musician, Courtney Love, recently posted a video on her Instagram account and talked about how she was psychologically harassed for her clothing style and the time when a designer she wanted to work with refused to dress her.

The successful frontwoman of the alternative rock band Hole, Courtney Love Cobain, was one of the most popular figures of the ’90s alternative and grunge scenes and as she had such a central presence, she was often the target of criticism.

Her popularity increased as she made her way into the acting world while relapsing to music, and while Courtney’s clothing style was liked by many people, it was also criticized by a certain group.

Recently, Courtney posted a video of an unusual fashion show and revealed the psychological harassment she went through considering her interest in her looks. She also told the story of the designer who refused to work with her due to her ‘reputation.’

Courtney is known for her acting, music, fashion sense, and sometimes legal troubles. In her recent post, she said that she received a lot of criticism considering her interest in fashion as ‘indie priestess/oppressors‘ told her that caring so much about her outlook was anti-feminist. The same people who made fun of her also copied her style though.

Courtney went on to exemplify why she was so interested in her outlook. Firstly, it is something that she enjoyed doing, and secondly, ‘all good rockstars start looks.’ She gave the example of David Bowie, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, Grimes, Billie Eilish, FKA twigs, Russell Brand, and even Lana Del Rey.

She added that even Kurt had a look which he worked on, especially as he got more interested in Bowie’s style and music. He would ask Courtney to comment on his look and give him fashion ideas.

Even though she was interested in fashion, Courtney said that she was never accepted in the fashion world. She talked about the time when she was excited to work with a designer who refused to dress her and said that it was because of her ‘reputation.’

This saddened Courtney who broke down crying in front of David LaChapelle. However, he said something which made her feel better. He said ‘you didn’t need them before why do you need them now?’ Courtney said that this question woke her up and by posing the same question to her followers, she encouraged them to invent themselves.

Courtney said that it is not people who need fashion, but rather fashion needs people. She encouraged her followers to own their style and invent themselves instead of following someone else’s clothing style. She said that once COVID-19 is over, they should set the terms as consumers and demand accountability.

Here’s what Courtney Love Cobain said in the caption of her Instagram post:

“Happy Christmas 🎄 from me and all my many personalities.
A lot of indie priestess/oppressors said I spent too much time on my aesthetic.
That it was ‘anti-feminist’ to care about my look. They gossiped about it nonstop, made fun of me for caring about texture, cut, and drape, and ‘standing out.’ I never backed down, but they messed with me for years and often? They copied me anyway… Well you guys, kisses to them!
Not only is it fun (for me) to think up new aesthetics, but I knew all good rockstars start looks. Sometimes lots of them like Bowie. Sometimes they stick to one vibe like Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, Grimes, Billie Eilish, FKA twigs, all have their own style. Lana Del Rey has become confident enough now, to play with new vibes in her look. The Beatles and the stones had a look. Kurt had a look, a few more up his sleeve, and he’d ask me about [his looks] as he got more into Bowie, oasis has a look. Hon rockstar Russell Brand has a look!”

She continued by saying:

“This stylist once told me a big designer didn’t want to dress me due to my ‘reputation.’ I loved this designer and it made me cry in front of David LaChapelle who said, and I’ll never forget this, ‘you didn’t need them before why do you need them now?’ He’s right. This is the perfect time for us all to invent ourselves. You don’t need fashion. Fashion needs you. Your dollar or pound etc. We set the terms post-Covid. Don’t be a sheep, demand accountability! In my song ‘Awful’ I sing: ‘they bought it all, let’s build a new one, make it beautiful.’ I stand by that. By the way, I wear, buy, love, am gifted, and seek out many designers of brilliance who are true artists, and that I love.

Check out the post that Courtney Love Cobain shared on her Instagram below.