According to the latest reports, Nirvana’s late frontman, Kurt Cobain’s legendary guitar, Fender Mustang is going up for auction soon.

Julien’s Auctions, the official website of Kurt Cobain custom built and played guitar with letter from Courtney Love, exposed that the starting bid is $75.000.

Here is the official statement of the auction:

“A left-handed Fender Mustang guitar in sky blue with red mottled pickguard, custom built for Kurt Cobain in 1993. Serial number PO13572. Cobain used this guitar while on Nirvana’s 1993 In Utero tour. The headstock has a small decal that reads “Offset Contour Body Patented.”

The guitar was built by Scott Zimmerman, who was a prototype and custom builder for FujiGen, a major Japanese instrument manufacturer who built all of Fender’s Japanese instruments. Zimmerman, who built the necks for Cobain’s first two Jagstang guitars, was contacted by Fender Guitar’s artist relations manager in 1993 because the Fender Custom shop was not equipped to build left-handed Mustangs at the time.”

Click here for the source and here for the auction’s web site.

You can watch The Man Who Sold The World below.