The legendary Nirvana star Kurt Cobain’s widow Courtney Love posted a recent photo on her verified Instagram account and showed off her golden hearth once again.

You might already follow the Instagram accounts of the celebrities that almost every single one of them is doing what they can do raise money for those who need it during the self-quarantine days we are facing.

Today, former Hole star Courtney reposted the latest photo of Australian musician SIA and announced that she had donated a million bucks for CORE, which is working on the global pandemic COVID-19.

Check out the caption of the photo below.

“SIA nominated for the queen 👑 of the world and California.

A million bucks donated to @coreresponse. #goddess@seanpenn”

A follower of Courtney named underwoodcolorado wrote this:

“Courtney…get out there and sing your heart out. You are an icon. You sing. I will give you and your voice. We love you. 🤘🤘😍”

You can check out the photo right below.