Kurt Cobain’s widow and Hole’s vocalist, Courtney Love, has shared a new post on her official Instagram account and showed her gratefulness to the famous rapper Post Malone.

Tomorrow, Post Malone will host a live stream to pay tribute to Nirvana on Youtube, and he will raise donations for the fight against coronavirus.

In the caption, Courtney thanked Post Malone for doing such a remarkable job in these tough times and touch upon the importance of this fundraising stream. Also, she showed her love for Kurt Cobain by mentioning his songs that still help the people on earth.

Courtney’s post reached around 45K likes in seven hours, and most of the fans shared their reactions in the comment section.

Here is what Courtney Love wrote:

“Thank you Post Malone WHO & Google who will match 5 million $ in donations. Thank you beloved Core and the amazing NHS. (profound to watch this amazing health care system working =🙌 inspiring)

Thank you mighty Kurt Cobain for writing these songs with your elegant and monkeyed hands that the kids still want to sing and play and hear and use to fight and hunt and cure and heal and eradicate this fucking COVID-19 virus. I approve the usage. Good luck Mr. Malone.”

A fan named Jamila Smith said:

“That’s so sweet! Thank you for seeing what needs to be done and doing it, Courtney. It doesn’t go unnoticed. People really appreciate the amazing things you do.”

Another fan named Angela added this comment:

“What?! This is exactly what the world needs right now 🎶”

You can check out the post below.