Kurt Cobain’s ex-wife and successful musician, Courtney Love, recently posted a photo on Instagram and revealed an unknown story about the time she fell asleep with a secret but now-famous actor after a Red Hot Chili Peppers rehearsal with the band’s bassist Flea.

Courtney Love, the successful frontwoman of the alternative rock band Hole, was one of the most famous rockstars of the ’90s alternative and grunge scenes. Her lifestyle and fashion sense were often criticized by other people but she has repeatedly stated that she doesn’t need other peoples approval to feel good about herself and her career.

Recently, she posted a photo on her Instagram account, confidently revealing an escapade she had after a Red Hot Chili Peppers rehearsal and said that she loves Flea. She added that the photo is from the late ’80s when she was quite sexually active. The guy sleeping behind Courtney love on her foam bed has his face hidden and she said that she’s not sure who he is because she was ‘pretty slutty‘ back then.

However, she also added that it is probably ‘the actor boy‘ as he has no tattoos but that he’s too famous to name right now. The fact that she was so confident and open about her active sexual life was applauded by her fans and followers who could not stop themselves from guessing who the secret lover might be.

Courtney also said that she took a look at the details by the bed, which were a short story book by the famous writer Flannery O’Connor, a Nick Cavel vinyl, the scissors she used for collages and sewing, and a mysterious baby lotion. The last detail was the one that was enjoyed by her followers the most.

Here’s what Courtney Love wrote in the caption of her Instagram post:

“Photograph of me on foam baffling from Flea and Chili Peppers rehearsal space in Echo Park (I love you flea ❤️✨) in my one-room studio on Cherokee and Hollywood Blvd.

Don’t ask me the dude. I think I know. But I was pretty slutty and can’t really recall (lack of tattoos makes me think it is the actor boy, who’s too famous to name now). The photo was taken by Richard Kern. The year is 1987/8. I looked at the details by the ‘bed…’ scissors, for collages and sewing, Flannery O’ Connor short stories and Nick Cavel vinyl of ‘Tupelo’ I think…? Also baby lotion.”

You can check out Courtney Love’s recent Instagram post below.