Late Nirvana legend, Kurt Cobain’s widow and mother of Frances-Bean Cobain, Courtney Love has shared a poster of the unreleased movie called “Joker” on her official Instagram page and revealed her thoughts on DC’s upcoming solo JOKER movie.

Here is what Courtney Love wrote about the movie:

@courtneydirects @jillkillsme let’s see it on the 3rd?@jokermovie💔.”

A user named lisa_marie_kukla41 commented:

“I seriously can’t wait to see this. Joaquin has to be one of my most favorite actors. His intensity is captivating. And he has the most beautiful eyes.”

Another user named osterbergrafa said that:

“I love the Joker. Courtney it would be awesome a movie or TV series with you in a role like “White Gold”

If you want, you can watch the trailer of new Joker below.