Kurt Cobain’s widow and The Hole singer, Courtney Love, took her official Instagram account to share a new post and revealed her reaction to her virtual reality experience.

Virtual Reality’s popularity has been rising in the 21st century. Most people would think that it has been used just for games, it can also be used for videos, trips, live shows, and many more.

Recently, Courtney Love tried it out on her house and amazed at what she saw in Marco Brambilla’s virtual reality art exhibition. According to Courtney, it is one of the most beautiful things she has ever experienced.

Furthermore, Courtney mentioned that all the pieces are gorgeous and congratulated Marco for making such great work. Also, Courtney reminded her followers that the exhibition is called Heavens Gate and opens on June 17.

Here is what Courtney Love wrote:

“Oculus on Marco Brambilla one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. You come up through all the ten worlds, into the worst of mankind…

It is gorgeous gorgeous. Congratulations Marco! The Piece is called Heavens Gate opening Perez Art Museum Miami, June 17.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Courtney Love – Instagram