The widow of Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, has shared a movie poster of the ‘The Gentlemen’ movie and revealed how much she liked Hugh Grant via her official Instagram account.

After Courtney Love shared the poster of ‘The Gentlemen’ movie, she criticized the film but on the other hand, she paid her respect to Hugh Grant. Additionally, Courtney mentioned how delicious this film was.

After one day she shared this post, some of the fans left their opinions about the film and the post got over 200 comments.

Here is what Courtney Love wrote:

“If I believed in the Illuminati, which I’m starting to I’d think it was the British tourist council ( board?) who funded this, but so what? it’s so good. First time in Hugh Grant’s career that I think he’s hot, in a sleazy, wide boy, Essex way. ( for about 10 minutes I just wanted to spank him really hard… Then… The shame.. like too much bulk, mass, candy 😳‼)

Oh my god he has too much fun. let’s all wear perfect bespoke, send our kids to Oxford, legalize pot and whatever else Guy Ritchie is into, I’m so down. Plus Bugzy Malone in plaid tracksuits which I think is a real thing. It is .. soo Delicious. #TheGentlemen”

Editor in chief for Interview Magazine, Nick Haramis said:

“Well that’s settled. Pls be our film critic!”

A fan named Athena Alvarez said:

“Living for this film review queen”

You can check the post below.