Lacuna Coil’s co-lead vocalist Christina Scabbia, recently posted a photo of herself on her Instagram account and revealed that she has been working out as a way of coping with COVID19 which made her feel weak, powerless, and slow.

As you may know, in the late ’90s Christina Scabbia was asked by Lacuna Coil, back then named Sleep of Right, to briefly sing some background vocals for a song. However, her talent astonished them so much that she was soon officially hired by the band. Since then she has made a name for herself, especially in the gothic metal scene, and is one of the most loved female vocalists.

Lacuna Coil finished their last tour back in February 2020 when the pandemic had started spreading. Scabbia recalls being back home around that time, but not feeling happy with what she saw in the mirror and that her body felt tired and weak. The first lockdown made things even worse as she ‘would eat anything at any time of the day and cooked too much’ just like many of us.

At that point, Scabbia decided to make a change and start taking care of her body. In her recent Instagram post, she described the way in which she managed to find a way to eat and live healthily which didn’t make her hate her life. Scabbia said that the secret is hidden in the balance that we create, like for example eating less if the previous day you have eaten a lot of fast food.

Here’s what Christina Scabbia wrote in her Instagram caption:

“What if sharing my personal path could help someone who needs motivation and is struggling searching for a healthier and active living? When I came back from our last tour (February 2020 😭) I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror and I felt slow, not agile at all, weak. The first lockdown didnt help. I would eat anything at any time of the day and cooked too much (and ate) every day. I could have sat on the couch crying over the things I didn’t like OR I could have done something to fix the problem, instead. I chose the second option.

Now, I am far from becoming the top fit of a model (never will actually, and who cares), that was never my irrealistic goal but I wanted to do something for myself and wanted to find my own pace. I was never really made for extensive hours in the gym or eating boring salads with no EVO.

I said it so many times: I don’t love to workout. I’d rather eat pizzas every day without moving a finger. But that’s unfortunately not how you fix things: it takes consistency and willingness for sure. Was it huffing and puffing and ‘oh my goodness, don’t want to do this anymore’ in the beginning? OH YEAH. But I found MY way.”

She went on to say:

Half an hour a day working out from home and did everything in baby steps. Never did drastic diets, never completely avoided the food I always loved. I took it slowly and every little success felt huge to me. It’s about balance: maybe you can eat a little less the day after you had pizza, Japanese rolls, and fries. Maybe you can have 80 grams of pasta instead of 100. Maybe you can have one (of the many) coffee with no sugar. Don’t see it as a punishment, see it as a gift to your own temple.

All this blabbering to say that YOU CAN FUCKIN’ DO IT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.

The great news is if you don’t want to do that… it’s ok anyway. We are not defined by our looks… but health is important, this is the only body we have. Thanks for reading.

(Thanks Blackcraft Cult for the amazing sports bra and leggings, I love them 🤘🏻)”

Click here to check out the photo that Christina Scabbia posted on her Instagram account.