During a live stream on Twitch, on April 9, Lacuna Coil’s lead vocalist Christina Scabbia discussed the negative aspects of social media and reminded her fans that there are a lot of traps they should protect themselves from when it comes to ‘the illusion that everything’s perfect.’

As you know, Christina Scabbia is one of the most appreciated and talented vocalists in the gothic metal scene and she achieved mainstream fame as the lead vocalist of Lacuna Coil when she joined the band in the late ’90s. Lacuna Coil concluded their most recent tour in February 2020, just around the time the pandemic started spreading.

Since then, Christina Scabbia has been spending time in self-quarantine in her home in Italy and she sometimes goes live on Twitch to interact with her fans and play some games. In her recent live, Scabbia talked about the ‘extremely dangerous’ sides of social media and said that it has the power of ‘creating the illusion that everything’s perfect’ which in turn harms people who don’t feel like they are as good.’

She went on to give some examples from her own life and said that she too will post the photo that she looks the prettiest in, and that’s because we want to be liked. However, the critical point is to not base your self-worth on social media or compare yourself with others. Christina added that she too doubts herself at points, and questions whether she’s good enough, but that’s when she sits down and pushes herself to think that she’s unique as there is no one out there exactly like her, and advised her fans to do this too.

“I really feel that socials, if they’re not used the proper way, are extremely dangerous, because creating the illusion that everything’s perfect can create problems for a lot of people that are not feeling that they fit or that they will ever be as good as these people. So always remember that usually on social media, you’re always trying to stretch everything to kind of look good.

And I get it. I do the same thing myself. If I take 10 selfies, of course, I will pick up the best one. I’m not gonna pick up the worst one… And you guys know that you do the same. ‘Cause you’re trying to look nice. I’m not gonna say that you’re doing it for getting approval, but it is human, ’cause we all like to be liked. But it is okay to be liked and to want to be liked, but it is not okay when you’re not feeling that you’re not good enough, that you’re not worthy, because you’re comparing yourself to others.”

She went on to say:

“And trust me, it happened to me as well. How many times I thought that I wasn’t tall enough or skinny enough or maybe not good enough in singing or in drawing or, like, ‘Oh, my God. I’m gonna stream video games [on Twitch], and what if I die. What people will think of me — that I’m not a good player.’ I had moments like this.

And moments like this happen, I just sit down and tell myself that there’s no one — no one; that means no one else in the world — that is just like me. And just this thought should make me feel amazing because I am unique. I am something extremely precious and special. And the same [goes] for each one of you guys.”

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