The lead vocalist and lyricist of Lamb of God, Randy Blythe, was recently interviewed by Jackie Kajzer of ‘Full Metal Jackie’ this week and talked about the current political status of the United States as well as the deluxe edition of their latest self-titled album.

As you might already remember, Lamb of God released their last studio album which was self-titled by the band released last year, and the album was meant to be released on May 8, 2020. However, after the coronavirus pandemic, the band pushed the date back to June 19, and it’s the first-ever studio album of Lamb of God since ‘VII: Sturm und Drang’ from 2015.

The ‘Deluxe Version’ of the album features 2CD + 1DVD package that includes two bonus tracks. The fans will be able to listen to the live versions of ten tracks with the deluxe edition and the Audio CD version of it is now available for the price of $22.97 while the Vinyl edition is available for $17.93.

In his interview with Jackie Kajzer, he responded to the criticism that he was always a liberal in all aspects and stated that that’s not true at all. Randy also claimed that people in America are so polarized right now and every single person is being painted as A or B whenever they talk about their political thoughts.

Here is Blythe’s statement:

“I guess some people would think, ‘Oh, this guy is super-duper liberal in all aspects,’ and that’s not true. In some ways, I’m quite conservative. I think change is definitely necessary in so many ways in our society, but I do think, in many ways, with this rampant spread of technology, there’s a lot of good values that are being abandoned. Some people would look at that and say, ‘Oh, that’s stodgy conservatism,’ but I don’t care.

I don’t define myself as liberal or conservative or Democratic or Republican. Just because you speak on a certain issue… And that’s a problem in our country today, on both the left and the right, is this knee-jerk reaction, that if you disagree with some sort of issue, because things are so polarized right now, then automatically you’re painted as A or B, and that’s idiotic; that’s simply moronic.”

He continued:

“We’re all human beings, and I think people are existing in these echo chambers, particularly ’cause they’re isolated lately. They’re sitting in these digital echo chambers of negativity, and it’s just sort of reinforcing their biases; they’re looking for things to just reinforce their opinions.”

You can listen to the whole podcast below.

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