Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton spoke in an interview with Sara from 93.3 WMMR Radio, and revealed what he thinks about current state of heavy metal and rock.

He said that ‘I think, heavy metal scene is alive and well’. Here’s the statement:

“Well, I think it’s evolving. I think you can’t help but for the genre… the culture of metal to evolve.

It’s funny, because Lamb’s been around long enough now where we are sort of one of those veteran bands, and it’s interesting to look back. I still remember when we were the next big thing, the big new thing.

It’s cool to see young bands coming up and reinterpreting the stuff and putting different combinations of influences together. So I think [the scene is] alive and well. I think there’s a lot of great music out there.

I was talking about this with someone earlier today. There’s so many new bands coming up and it’s such a new environment and new climate for them to be coming up in.

So it’s exciting to watch and it’s exciting to see young bands starting to… I’m thinking about Code Orange right now — great band that’s starting to blow up, and it’s exciting to see that fire in their eyes. And it’s cool, man — it’s cool to watch from my perspective.”

Click here to source of the statement (Blabbermouth). Listen to entire interview below.

You can listen his recent collaboration with Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington below.