Speaking in a recent interview with Total Guitar, Lamb of God guitarist Willie Adler revealed his first guitar. He said:

“My parents bought me a BC Rich Bich NJ Series for Christmas when I was 12 and that actually stayed with me for the longest time. I remember playing that when we did Burn the Priest shows and early Lamb of God.

“I still have it, it’s hanging up in the den in my house. I still have the receipt my dad got from the pawn shop. It was like $200. It needs a bit of TLC, it has 18-year-old strings on it, so it deserves to be taken care of.”

He also explained his top weakness on guitar playing. He said:

“My biggest weakness is that I haven’t explored any lead or solo territory. I haven’t even tried it because it doesn’t necessarily interest me.

I love seeing dudes play crazy leads, scales, and arpeggios, but that’s not where my brain’s at. I think my strength lies in really heavy fucking riffs and playing those riffs super-tight; I’m really stoked on my right hand.

If you can write a great riff, that’s the memorable moment, not the crazy noodling you did.”

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