Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton spoke in an interview with Heavy Consequence, and revealed his thoughts about other types of music except rock and metal.

Morton said that ‘He is a big hip-hop fan’. Here’s the statement:

“I’m known for my work with a heavy metal band, and I love heavy metal and genuinely appreciate the genre, and it’s given me a home and a career, and I love it.

But I also like really good rock music, too. I’m a big hip-hop fan – I like all kinds of music, so I appreciate a well-written song and great singers. In that sense, it wasn’t a stretch for me to include these more kind of rock guys [as guests on the album].”

He continued:

“Honestly, initially at the very beginning of the project, I wasn’t going to put any traditional heavy metal songs on the album, because my thinking was, ‘I do metal with Lamb of God, the reason for this album is to process some of these tunes that aren’t so much metal for me.’

[Producer] Josh Wilbur suggested that we do include a couple of metal songs on the album – the thinking being that Lamb of God fans are going to listen to this album, and want to hear some metal from me. So, pretty early on, we decided to deliberately include some metal tracks.

What really turned out cool is that it became this duet with Randy [Blythe] and [Arch Enemy’s] Alissa [White-Gluz], and it was exciting to see how great their voices sound together. It kind of had this synergy when they came together in the chorus, which is really cool.”

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