Lamb of God vocalist Randy Blythe was recently interviewed by Metal Injection and shared his real thoughts on the new drummer of the band, Art Cruz. While praising the talents of the newcomer of the band, Randy also talked about the former Lamb of God star Chris Adler.

On the other hand, Randy Blythe responded to long-time questions of the people who have been talking about how Lamb of God is taking the place of Slayer commenting on their retirement decision.

Here are his statements about Slayer:

I’ve heard that from other people. You know, we were the main support for every leg of their final tour except for the last one. I mean, we did like four legs or something, we went everywhere.

And it’s like, ‘They’re passing the torch, they’re handing you the crown,’ and it’s like, there’s no secret ceremony where we all sat down and Kerry King was like, ‘I give you the place of Slayer, here’s the Slayer throne, here’s the keys to all our unholy wonders and our secret Slayer vault,’ you know?

There’s none of that. I’m not really worried about taking Slayer’s place because we never will take Slayer’s place. No one will ever take Slayer’s place. Slayer was an entity unto themselves, they helped create this style of music that we descend from.

They’re forefathers of all this, but so is Black Sabbath, so is Elvis, so is Robert Johnson, all the way back to the blues. And I haven’t taken Robert Johnson’s place, so I’m not worried about taking Slayer’s place.”

And here is what he said about the roster change in Lamb of God:

“He’s (Art Cruz) younger. Sure, he definitely brought a different energy to it, and now it’s cool to see him – because he was a Lamb of God fan, it’s cool to see him come in and we’ve known him for years.

He’s not some kid we picked off the street, and he’s not that young, but to us, he’s young. I’m almost 50. It’s cool to see someone come in who has such a long, like, love of our music and come in with the fan perspective, and also come in with a different flavor.

And during recording, like, ‘As a fan, I don’t want to hear this,’ and sometimes we’re like, ‘That makes sense.’ But for me personally, it’s like, ‘That’s not really a consideration on what the fans want’ because some fans will want you to write your first record over and over and over again.

And then the other fans will say, ‘Well, you’re just doing the same thing.’ You can’t win. You have to write what feels good to you, and that’s what we did. It’s really cool to see him kind of jumping into this crazy world, it’s fun.”

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