Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler spoke in an interview with SceneFour Inc and explained how he decided to play drums. He said:

“I was about 21 when the band I was playing bass in broke up. I thought, ‘Well, that was a fair attempt,’ and then got into computer stuff – broadcasting in college and then IT work.

Then I decided to get my first drum kit. I was one of those $200 drums. I put it in my bedroom and within a couple months somebody said, ‘Hey, let’s jam,’ and it just kind of took off from there.

So I didn’t really have the goal to make it into a career; I kind of turned that off. I think in doing that and just loving the idea of just learning this and playing music without any ‘Oh, we’re going to be huge, we’re gonna get to the top just like these guys!’ or whatever…

I didn’t really have that concept, or any role models really. Starting to play drums at 21, you kind of miss that teenage hero-worship where there’s that one guy like Neil Peart or Dave Lombardo – ‘I gotta be like that, I gotta do it just as fast!’

So I was borrowing from all over the place – Stewart Copeland, Billy Cobham and stuff like that. And I love metal, and bringing that stuff in the middle.”

You can watch the entire interview below.