Lamb Of God is one of the most successful bands you have seen in your metal music lately. Even the members of the band are expressing in their interviews that they have not been able to imagine that the band could be so famous and successful.

Lamb of God, founded in 1994. He started his career by playing in local bars for the first time. At that time they were always inspired by the local little-famous underground bands who idolize themselves.

Band’s guitarist and leader Mark Morton tells the first year of his band in an interview with “Excessive Nerd Shit Podcast”. He said:

“In 1994, metal was really, really off the radar, but there were some cool things happening locally here in Richmond, VA.

There were some local off-time, instrumental bands we were big fans of – a band called Breadwinner and a band called Ladyfinger. Those were our local heroes and the sounds we were emulating.

We just wanted to be a part of that local scene. So really, that was the genesis of what we were doing, and then things progressed. We had absolutely no aspiration to become an international-touring major-label metal band, that wasn’t part of the story as we were seeing it at all.”

You can listen to the bands that Mark mentioned.