Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton recently took to his Twitter to reveal his daughter’s thoughts on Machine Gun Kelly. After receiving criticism, Morton posted other tweets to clarify these remarks.

Machine Gun Kelly has been in the spotlight after shifting from hip hop music toward pop-punk. Especially after the release of his ‘Mainstream Sellout’ album, many have criticized Kelly for not belonging to the rock music scene.

Despite these criticisms, MGK believes that he has always been in the rock music culture, and he has played in rock festivals throughout his career. According to Kelly, he is defying the genres with his music style.

In a recent tweet, Lamb Of God’s Mark Morton stated that his 11-year-old daughter told him she feels bad for the ones who listen to Machine Gun Kelly’s music. Although many found this hilarious, others criticized Morton for not teaching her to respect others.

Upon seeing this, the guitarist posted another tweet and stated if MGK’s daughter said the same about Lamb Of God, he would think it’s funny. Morton then added that MGK is better than him in many ways, so he doesn’t think the singer is worried about his daughter’s opinions.

Mark Morton’s tweet read:

“My 11-year-old daughter just told me that she feels bad for people that listen to Machine Gun Kelly.

After receiving criticism, Morton tweeted:

“I mean, objectively, if MGK tweeted that his daughter said she felt sorry for people who listened to Lamb Of God, I’d think that sh*t was funny too.”

He then continued:

“Machine Gun Kelly is better looking than me, has more money than me, is a better singer, and most definitely sells more records than me. He isn’t the least bit worried about my pre-teen kid’s first dance with music elitism. You all really ran with that sh*t, though.”

You can check out the tweets below.