In a recent appearance on a Youtube channel named A&P Reacts, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton talked about his recent mood regarding today’s political sphere: ‘I’m venting in anger myself.’

Lamb of God’s Mark Morton joined a show for a heavy metal review channel on Youtube called A&P Reacts. During the show, he answered questions about his feelings regarding the recent political atmosphere and about the importance of using social media platforms to create awareness about certain subjects.

Mark initially, mentioned the change he had in his thoughts about the issue:

“I’ve been pretty vocal, and, I guess, at times controversial. It’s its own little bubble. And if you had asked me this a couple of years ago, I would have said that it’s not important – it’s just kind of what I do.

But I’m starting to wonder if it’s not important. When something’s really wrong or there’s a discussion not being had or there’s something being ignored…

I have a platform, and I have a platform in our music, in what we talk about lyrically, and social media, for better or worse, is a platform – I don’t know if it’s the best one, but it is one, and it’s one I engage in.

I don’t think my opinions can be put into a tight, neat little box because there are things that I’m very liberal on, things that I’m very conservative on, and things that I’m in the middle on.

But lately, particularly in the last week or so, I’ve had a hard time keeping my mouth shut. And I don’t make any apologies for that.”

Furthermore, he continued explaining his reaction against the fans who had contradicting opinions:

“Look, if I had a nickel for every time someone told on social media to just shut up and play guitar…

I always actually take it as a compliment because I’m, like, no matter how mad I made them, they’re still saying that it’s worthwhile for me to play guitar.

I get to have an opinion, too. I just do. Everybody does. And hopefully, we can all start learning to respect each other’s opinions and even maybe find some common ground. ‘Cause a lot of that seems to be getting overlooked lately, and I hope we can plug into that.

Mark also stated the challenges of this time and how he had been dealing with them:

“It’s a trying time, man – there’s so much going on – and everybody’s really tense and anxious, and there’s a lot of fear and a lot of anger.

And I don’t know what to do except to talk about when I see something that’s wrong. And I’m not always great at not riling it up – sometimes I’m venting in anger myself; I’m a human being – but I’m trying to be a little more positive as I go. That’s all I can do.”

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