On Twitter, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton addressed his followers revealing that he once suffered from severe addictions and reminded them there was always hope.

Last month, the talented guitarist of Lamb of God, Mark Morton, announced that he was sober for one and a half years. Mark explained the difficult process of letting go of all the long going habits and urged his fans who had the same problems to get help.

Recently on Twitter, Mark Morton shared the details of his previous alcohol and opiate addictions and called out to his followers who were also struggling with addictions of the sort. Apparently, at some point in his 30 years of addiction, Mark gave up on his life and accepted that he was going to die.

However, later, he asked for help from those who were also recovering from addiction, which led him back to life again. In his tweet, Mark addressed to his fans and followers who were in the same situation with him and reminded them there was always hope even when they felt it was all over.

Here’s what Mark Morton stated in his recent tweet:

I drank alcoholically for 30 years & suffered crippling opiate addiction for 10. I thought I’d never had my life back & accepted that I’d end up dying from addiction. Then, in desperation, I sought help from people in recovery.

If you feel hopeless, please know that there IS hope.

You can see the tweet Mark Morton posted on his Twitter account below.