One of the most iconic brutal vocalists of all time, Randy Blythe, spoke in a recent interview with Bloody Disgusting and shared his thoughts about the current status of the world amid the coronavirus.

He also shared his feelings about the usage of social media and told how he stayed away from social media by using some interesting apps to block himself from social media and news platforms. 

On his social media addiction, he said:

“I only have one social media account, which is my Instagram – because I’m a photographer as well. [During work on the new album], I found myself, when I wasn’t tracking and just sitting there, because I was out of town and in LA recording, just filling time by mindlessly scrolling through stuff…

But I decided to take that month-long sabbatical from Instagram. It was amazing how much time of mine [social media] had eaten up. I’m a news junkie.

Particularly in the current political situation, even before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, I would find myself constantly checking all these different news sites – trying to find some sort of median ratio of truth amid all this bias.

I [ended up] installing a VPN blocking app called ‘Freedom.’ It allowed me to check social media, the news, YouTube, or anything, for 30 minutes exactly. I would wake up, have a cup of coffee, look at all of that, and I did that for a month or two.”

He continued:

“I found that it broke me of this constant refreshing, looking and looking. It is important to remain informed, particularly right now, particularly with your local municipalities and the different research [updates related to COVID-19] coming out.

“But it’s also important to not get swallowed by [the news]. Right now life is not easy for everyone, but it is still occurring. We have to stay plugged-in to the fact that reality does not exist on these small screens.

Lately, due to the lockdown and so forth, I’ve been guilty myself of going back to a little of that. But I’ve been trying to communicate some positivity through my social media account. Because it’s important to maintain a positive mental attitude.

Exercising the creative muscle for me is important. It helps me a lot. That’s how I process my life – through the art I make – whether it be music, prose writing, photography, or writing a video treatment.”

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