During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Lamb of God’s vocalist Andy Blythe reflected on a tragic event. The musician explained that he wanted to perform in the Czech Republic, where he was accused of the manslaughter of a fan.

In 2010, Andy Blythe was involved in an incident in the Czech Republic during Lamb of God’s concert. Because a fan named Daniel Nosek was trying to jump on the stage, Blythe pushed him, and this caused the fan to have injuries. Nosek eventually fell into a coma due to a stroke and passed away one month later.

Although concert competent said that the fan was trying to go on the stage without permission, Czech police found Blythe guilty. The rocker was arrested in June 2012 when he went to Prague for a concert with Lamb of God. Blythe expressed his sadness, indicating that he did not do this on purpose.

After a few trials, Blythe was not found guilty and released. Blythe stated that preventions would be taken in future events so that such things do not happen again. Previously, Blythe explained that the family didn’t treat him aggressively after the incident. However, he was not sure about going to the Chezch Republic again to prevent causing any suffering for the family.

In a recent interview, when he was asked if the Lamb of God would perform in the Czech Republic, Blythe said that there were no restrictions for him to go there. Furthermore, he said he would perform in the country again on the condition that the family gives their permission. Blythe added that if his going there would not cause any suffering, he wanted to go there to perform and donate to charity.

Randy Blythe said during the interview with Metal Hammer:

I don’t rule it out. But it would have to be under the right circumstances. I mean, I’m legally allowed to go there. But unless things were worked out in advance with certain people, I think it would be rude to go back there.

Because if I went back there to play a show, it would be huge news. And there’s a family who’s still missing a son there. So I don’t wish them to be any more upset than they already are; they’ve suffered enough.

So, if the circumstances were right and we had their blessing or whatever, I wouldn’t mind going and playing a show and then donating the money to charity or something. But other than that, Lamb Of God really has no business going there if the circumstances aren’t right, ’cause I don’t want to cause anyone any further emotional duress.”

As Andy Blythe stated, Lamb of God can legally perform in the Czech Republic. However, Randy Blythe thought it would be better if they knew that Nosek’s family would not suffer emotionally because of this event.