The highly celebrated rock journalist Malcolm Dome recently passed away at the age of 66. Following, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, Iron Maiden, and Mike Portnoy expressed their sadness and mourned his passing on their Twitter accounts.

Malcolm Dome was mainly known for creating the term ‘thrash metal’ while describing Anthrax’s ‘Metal Thrashing Mad’ song in 1984. Today, most people are familiar with this genre, thanks to him. He worked with most of the well-known rock bands including Metallica, and Iron Maiden. His death was a huge loss for the rock and metal world.

Therefore several musicians found it appropriate to share their sadness with their fans. Lars Ulrich stated that Dome was a guide to him with heavy music. He indicated that the journalist contributed to his career, and he felt extremely sad to lose him. The drummer ended his tweet by recalling the fun and memorable times they had.

Here is what Lars Ulrich’s stated:

“Extremely sad to hear of Malcolm Dome’s passing. Not only was he an incredible talent who helped guide my relationship with heavy music, but he was also a great person. Today, I’m thinking of the fun, memorable times we spent together back in the day.”

On the other hand, Iron Maiden expressed their shock towards Dome’s passing through the band’s official Twitter account. They talked about his personal qualities and stated that they highly respected him because he was ‘fearless’ and ‘passionate.’

Here is Iron Maiden’s tweet:

“We are all very much saddened and shocked to hear about the passing of our friend Malcolm Dome. He was fearless, intrepid, passionate, and forthright as a journalist and latterly a broadcaster, and we respected him immensely.

The former drummer of Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy, also commented upon his death. He stated that they’d known each other for more than 30 years, and he had so much fun when Malcolm Dome interviewed him.

Mike Portnoy showed his sadness by stating:

“Saddened to hear of the passing of Malcolm Dome. I’ve done countless interviews with him throughout the 30+ years we’ve known each other and always enjoyed our discussions. Rest In Peace Malcolm.”

It is sad to see a journalist loved by so many of his interviewees and friends pass away at a fairly young age. It seems like his absence from the rock and roll world will be felt. Unfortunately, the cause of his sudden death is still unknown.

You can see all of their tweets below.