Metallica’s drummer and bassist, Lars Ulrich and Rob Trujillo both posted some photos from a legendary concert on their Instagram account, and recalled the days in which they could get up on stage and perform for their fans and said that they cannot wait to do it all over again.

As you probably remember, Metallica released their latest album ‘Hardwiredto SelfDestruct‘ back in 2016 which ranked Number 1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts. Following that, the band embarked on the ‘WorldWired Tour,’ which was their first world one after the ‘World Magnetic Tour’ six years earlier. The tour was supposed to go on until 2020, but some shows were canceled both due to the pandemic, and James Hetfield’s relapse and return to rehab.

The concerts that were held at the beginning of September 2019 at the Chase Center were recorded and Metallica released the live album ‘S&M2’ in August 2020. Since then, the band members have been hinting that they’ve started working on a new album and that it might be released soon. In fact, at the beginning of 2021, Lars Ulrich had said in an interview that they’ve been virtually working on a new album and had described their upcoming album as their best and heaviest one yet.

With their recent posts, both Ulrich and Trujillo expressed their longing for being on stage in front of their fans by posting some photos from their amazing concert in Hamburg, Germany which they gave on March 29, 2018. While Ulrich wrote that he misses everything, from travelling to seeing his friends, Rob Trujillo said that he misses being on stage and feeling that excitement. Fans were glad to see that their favorite band misses them as much as they miss Metallica, and expressed their excitement for their upcoming shows.

Here’s what Lars Ulrich said in the caption of his post:

“Hamburg, Germany…
Three years ago tonight.
Missing our German friends…
Missing our friends who travel with us everywhere we roll.

Missing you ALL!”

This is what Rob Trujillo said in the caption of his post:

“Another flashback… this time to 2018 in Hamburg. Man, I miss the stage! 🤟🏽 Metallica.”

Click here to check out Lars Ulrich’s post and here to see the photo that Rob Trujillo posted on his Instagram account and you can watch Metallica performing ‘The Unforgiven‘ in Hamburg below.