Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich joined The Eddie Truck podcast at last night. He announced a huge information to oldschool fans of Metallica.

Lars Ulrich has revealed that classic Metallica album “Master of Puppets” has already been fully remastered. He tells Eddie Truck:

Master of Puppets is basically done, but then “Hardwired” showed up – new albums, they always get in the way! [Laughs] We were gonna put out [remastered] “Master of Puppets” with Matt Taylor’s book “Back to the Front” – the 9,000-page book.

He continues:

We were gonna put the record out with the book, but the book was on a trajectory with the book publishers, and we couldn’t kinda fuck with that. So we held “Master of Puppets” back, and it’s now gonna come out probably next year. We’ll keep spitting them out, but we just took a pause with releasing the re-issues because of “Hardwired”. But “Master of Puppets” is done! We’re got some cool crazy shit, obscure shows, all kinds of cool stuff, and it should hopefully come out next year.

We should wait until 2017. Check out the Metallica’s recently perform of Master of Puppets.