Metallica’s legendary member and considered as one of the best drummers of all time, Lars Ulrich, was the latest interview guest of Trunk Nation and the iconic star has exposed the song that the whole members of the band are proud of.

As you might check out the statements of Lars below that he strained to chose just one song looking at their whole career, however, Lars mentioned four specific songs: ‘Master Of Puppets,’ ‘One,’ ‘Death Magnetic’ and ‘Hardwired.’

While talking about the lyrics of Master of Puppets, Lars admitted that he had lots of conversations about the lyricist side of James Hetfield and unveiled if Papa Het’s lyrics have many different meanings in it.

Here is what Lars told:

“Puppets’ is definitely a very, very, very close to the top choice because, I guess, it checks a lot of boxes.

Obviously, it’s a longer song, it’s kind of a journey, and it’s got the light and the dark, the heavy and the more melodic. So it’s got many different moods. Obviously, it’s also got an incredible set of lyrics. The lyrics can be whatever you want.

And I’ve had conversations with tons of people about different meanings and so on, but when [James] Hetfield writes lyrics that can be interpreted in any way that the listener wants, that’s when I think they are at the best. And so it’s got those lyrics and it checks a lot of those boxes.”

He continued:

“Another song that checks a lot of those boxes is ‘One.’ But then there are some deeper cuts. I think a song like ‘Bleeding Me’ has a lot of those boxes checked also.

And some of the stuff from the last couple of records; to me, it’s a testament to the strength of the last two records, [2008’s] ‘Death Magnetic’ and [2016’s] ‘Hardwired.’

A lot of the earlier records – we’d make them, and then we’d kind of sit there six months later or a year later and go, ‘I don’t know about that mix,’ or, ‘I don’t know what we were thinking on that outro,’ or, ‘I don’t know what was going on in that guitar part,’ or that crazy drum fill or whatever.”

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