Metallica’s mastermind and drummer, Lars Ulrich, spoke in the recent interview with Kerrang and revealed the truth about Metallica’s one of the iconic concerts, which was made at Moscow in 1991.

As you might already know, there was a myth about this Moscow concert which was saying that there were over 1.6 Million people watching Metallica’s show and this was the biggest show in the world.

However, Lars explained in the conversation that he doesn’t know the exact number how many people were in the concert, but he heard at the time that there were half a million people attended the show.

Also, Lars explained his feelings about playing in Russia and explained what happened in there. Here is what Lars Ulrich said:

“Listen, it may go up by 100,000 people each year! I heard at the time it was around half a million. Whatever it was, it was a fuck-load of people.

It was a very transitional time in Russia’s history and part of what was going on was the government were negotiating to bring music in and so on.”

He added:

“They brought AC/DC and Metallica to come play and there was a lot of excitement, but they weren’t really used to hosting rock shows. So if you watch the videos on YouTube, you’ll see how many soldiers were there.

“There were helicopters hovering over the audience. It was an incredible blend of enthusiasm and energy and chaos, and it was a complete cluster fuck. 1.6 million may be a little ambitious, but like I say, there were a lot of fucking people. It was a pretty crazy day”

Click here for the source and you can watch the concert below.