Metallica drummer and mastermind of the band, Lars Ulrich, spoke in a recent interview with Collider and revealed the possibility of making another biographical movie of the band like Some Kind Of Monster.

In the conversation, Lars Ulrich revealed the reason why ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ is liked by lots of people and stated that the movie was so transparent that nobody was expecting it and that’s what makes it so good compared to other biopics.

Furthermore, Lars said that he is not against another movie of the band and excited the fans with this statement. However, Lars thought that the new movie won’t surprise the people as it did as before.

He clarified that the transparency is so much bigger rather than in the past due to the growth of social media and this is why the next movie of the band won’t be more exciting or shocking for the people.

Interviewer asked:

“Do you think Metallica will ever make another fly-on-the-wall type of movie like ‘Some Kind of Monster’ again?”

Here is what Lars Ulrich said:

“Again? I’m not against it. Certainly, it was a difficult time and a trying time that was being captured on film, but I’m very, very proud of how the project came out. I’ve sat through that film enough to sort of be able to almost remove myself from it.

…I think that’s a significant part of the reason that the film resonated with so many people. It probably resonated with more people in the film world than the music world, which is interesting, because a lot of people in the film world were almost shocked at how transparent it was.

And I think at that time, before social media, and before the kind of access that social media obviously requires and facilitates, not a lot of people had seen a rock ‘n’ roll band that vulnerable and that up-close, and as we say at the end, ‘warts and all.'”

Lars continued:

“…Would we do it again? Again, it’s the same answer as before. I’m not against doing it again, but I think maybe the value is less because of how social media nowadays has kind of…

Everybody’s much more used to seeing behind-the-scenes of musicians and actors and creative types, and well-known people share much more about what goes on, especially now in the COVID times, about sort of what goes on in their houses, and what goes on in their creative processes, and the writing stages and the recording stages, and all that behind-the-scenes stuff.

So it probably has little less ‘holy fuck!’ value than it did 20 years ago when that movie first came out.”

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