Metallica’s drummer and mastermind Lars Ulrich spoke in a recent interview with NME about being productive during the self-quarantine days and revealed why it is so difficult to make new songs.

As you might remember, Lars spoke in the interview with Salesforce about four months ago and revealed that the band members were jamming from the Zoom application. In the conversation, Lars also stated that if the coronavirus outbreak gets longer, there is a high chance that Metallica will release a new album.

However, it seems like the band members faced with the problem that they won’t expect it in the first place. According to Lars, they are struggling to make new songs because there is no software that makes them play together at the same time, and the process of making a riff is so much different online. He said that they are recording the riffs one by one, and it takes so much longer than they expected.

Also, Lars broke the hearts of the fans by saying that Metallica could not release a new song or project in the near future because the plans are changing every five minutes. He said that that’s the nature of the current state of the world, and they have to accept it or surrender to it.

Here is what Lars Ulrich said:

“I’m not sure – it’s not easy, but we’ve been doing what we can. We’ve been exchanging ideas back and forth. The hardest thing about being in four different spaces is that there’s no software that can have us all play in real-time to reach each other.

So I can play something and send it to the next guy and then he can play on it and he can send it to the next guy, or vice-versa, but we can’t play at the same time so it takes the impulsivity and the momentary energy out of the occasion.”

I’ve talked to some people in technology about how close we are to being able to all play in real-time with each other, but that hasn’t been cracked yet.

If it is, we’ll maximize it, but for now, we’re in this bubble for a couple of weeks, and we’re looking forward to seeing if at some point this fall, we can get back into another bubble where we write and play and maybe even record – so we’re looking forward to the possibilities on that one.”

Interviewer asked:

“When can we expect new Metallica music?”

Lars Ulrich responded:

“Not soon enough! Right now, I’d say the hardest thing about all this is trying to plan because five minutes later, those plans change – that’s just the nature of the state of the world at the moment and we’re going to have to accept and surrender to it.

I think it’s a good reminder of the fragility of the world and how maybe we should occasionally pause and be a little bit more respectful and appreciative of what we have and understand how quickly it can derail in terms of how we arrogantly expect everything to be the way we wanted as a human race.”

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