Metallica and Lady Gaga came on stage together at the 59th Grammy Awards and they performed “Moth Into Flame”.

In an interview by Entertainment Weekly, Lars Ulrich revealed how he convince Lady Gaga to collaborate with Metallica. He said:

“Well, we were fortunate enough to be invited back to the Grammys again, three years after our last appearance, and you sort of sit there and you start wondering who could be potential partners in crime, collaborators.

I was at a dinner party at my friend’s house, and I was sitting next to Gaga at this dinner thing. And I was, like, you know, she’s sort of a metal chick at heart and has a reputation for growing up in that New Jersey/New York kind of metal scene and has a reputation to be super easy and cool. And I just threw it at her.

We had talked internally about maybe having a female collaborator would be cool to sing one of the songs from the new album, and I just threw it at her. ‘Guess what? We’ve been invited back to the Grammys again. Would you like to partake?’ And that took all of about two bites of whatever salad we were having at the time during dinner to finalize. So it came together super organic, really quick. There wasn’t five hundred lawyers and strategists and producers and teams and managers sending e-mails back and forth for days.”

Lars also revealed his personal observations and ideas about Lady Gaga. He said:

She’s very autonomous and independent and she makes her own decisions. And she is the coolest, sweetest, most easy-going person you’ll ever meet — just not a trace of ego or anything. And we just sealed it right there, and then we went on our little journey, and it’s been a lot of fun.

She’s a very, I think for Metallica, a very organic, sort of authentic, natural… It’s not forced. Without being disrespectful, but occasionally in these circumstances, the pairings seems a little forced. Slightly less organic… I think we can say that without offending anybody. And I think in our case, it literally just felt like she was the fifth member of our band for the whole weekend.”

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