Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich spoke in an interview by Loop Radio and explained how he react the negative criticism on the internet. He said:

I usually laugh. It’s not often that I go below that line, but occasionally when I do, it’s more for amusement.

I’ll just try to see, ‘And today, let’s see who can say the most ridiculous thing or the nastiest thing,’ and it’ll be, like, ‘Okay, that person right there hit the rock bottom.’

The only way you can get through that is – I have almost like a third-person relationship with that. When somebody says something nasty about Metallica – that’s not the James I know, that’s not the Metallica I know, and certainly the Lars that I see in the mirror when he smiles back at me most of the time is not that nasty person that they’re talking about.

You’ve gotta have kind of a distant relationship with that stuff, and that’s how we deal with it. Most of the time, like I said – I go more for amusement than anything. [You can’t take] any of that stuff too seriously.”

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