The co-founder and drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich has spoken about the self-quarantine period of the heavy metal band while revealing how they have been coping with this process and stay engaged with music, as well as their fans.

During the latest interview they gave to the Metal Hammer, the band members have opened up about the recent projects of Metallica including a groundbreaking live album, ‘S&M2,’ the brand new drive-in concert, which took over the screens in nearly 300 theaters across North America on August 29, 2020, and a weekly virtual event, ‘Metallica Mondays.’

Undeniably productive and one of the most hardworking bands of the community, Metallica, has admitted that they continue to explore new ways to connect with their fans and keep playing live to put some memorable experience out there.

Lars Ulrich has talked about how the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 affected them and their fans. Though the music industry has been hit really hard by this virus, Ulrich said they had to adapt to this situation. He explained that, as Metallica, they didn’t sit and wait, instead, struggled to figure out how to adjust.

Here’s what Lars Ulrich said during the interview:

“I feel for the Metallica fans that had expected concerts and appearances and so on here and there. There are people who’ve been hit really hard by this. Obviously, we find ways to stay engaged, and I think you’ve gotta adapt.

Sitting there and going, ‘Oh, we’re supposed to do this, we’re supposed to be here in April, in February the world looked like this’… That’s not gonna get you anywhere. You have to adapt to new ways.”

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