The co-founder and drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich has talked about the changing control mechanisms all around the world with the takeover of COVID-19 and revealed the financial status of Metallica within the problematic global economical landscape.

During his recent conversation with Kara Swisher on CNBC Evolve Summit, Lars Ulrich has explained his thoughts on the major changes the deadly virus has brought into our lives.

Ulrich has perceived the situation through both sides and said that, though the coronavirus damaged nearly every field in life, it has offered them a chance to have more interaction with the fans.

The great drummer also commented upon the control COVID-19 has over them by admitting, as a band, they are independent and autonomous in many respects now. Ulrich said that they don’t owe anyone any money and able to create their own music as the rulers of their little ecosystem.

Amid the financial crisis, as well as the health crisis all around the world with the outbreak of the pandemic, Ulrich said that Metallica is fortunate enough to be independent on monetary issues.

Here’s what Lars Ulrich said when asked if COVID-19 gave them more control or not:

“I guess there are two ways to go with an answer. As far as Metallica is concerned, we have our record label, we pretty much try to control all the different elements in our little bubble and our little ecosystem.

We have a pnd deal with universal and in Europe. We try to maximize and do the best thing that we can in all the different parts of the world and so we like to control, we’re financially independent.

That’s been our dream, to be just independent, autonomous, to be able to create the music, not owe anybody any money and just be independent in every sense of that word.

So when you say who has the control, we like to think in our bubble we do, but obviously, we’re also very fortunate in that we can channel the success and we’re so grateful for our financial independence.”

You can check out the rest of the conversation here.