Metallica is undoubtedly one of the world’s most controversial and thought-provoking bands. Drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich spoke in an interview by Sonar FM and explained the biggest misconception about Metallica. He said:

“After all the Napster stuff, the preconception that Metallica is greedy and cares about money and is money-hungry and money-driven or whatever. That’s a very big misconception.

Also, the misconception that Metallica doesn’t care about technology. That’s completely wrong. I have 37 Apple products just in my carry-on bag.

In a interview in last year, he explained his thoughts on their Napster incident. He said:

“The argument, at least initially when it started – wasn’t about whether it should be free or not. In our opinion, the argument was on whose choice it should be whether it should be free or not.

That should be our choice – if we wanna give it away, we’ll give it away. If we wanna charge for it, we’ll charge for it. If we wanna make people stand on their heads and spin around in circles, we’ll do that.

You can listen the entire interview from here.