In an interview with Apple Music, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich talked about the possibility of a new Metallica album and also revealed how they coped with the challenges of staying in contact with the fans.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many bands and musicians have struggled to keep in touch with their fans without being able to perform live in front of the audience. However, some of them, such as Metallica, initiated some virtual events on social media platforms not to lose touch with their fans.

The legendary thrash metal band Metallica has been trying to find different ways to keep the fans informed about their recent projects or new music. Most recently, they finished recording their highly-anticipated show, ‘Pandemica,‘ which would be streaming drive-in movie theaters around the country as part of the ‘Encore Drive-In Nights’ concert series.

Metallica’s iconic drummer Lars Ulrich joined an interview with Apple Music to talk about the current status of the band members and the materials they had been working on for a while now.

During the interview, Ulrich mentioned that the four members of Metallica had been using the any sort of technological means to stay in contact with each other and work on their music.

Here’s what Lars Ulrich stated about the current working conditions of the band:

“Between you and I and nobody else, we have a call at two o’clock today, the four of us, to talk about what’s next, after spending the two weeks in the bubble rehearsing for the Metallica drive-in concert and having the best time ever reconnecting. We’re looking forward to what’s next.

We’ve spent a few of the summer months trading riffs, trading ideas, throwing creative thoughts back and forth through Zoom calls, and through other technologies.

And we’re looking forward to getting to it – lots of material to share with the world. And it’s just a matter of the practicals and being able to sort-of figure out how to get it going as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, the iconic drummer mentioned their biggest aim for the Metallica family was finding the best ways to keep in touch with them during these challenging days of the coronavirus pandemic and added:

“We are trying to find any possible ways to connect with our fans and with the Metallica family. And I think that a positive coming out of these five dark months is that it’s forcing you to just rethink what you know and what we’re so used to.

So a new world order calls for new experimental times and shenanigans. So let’s see how it plays out.”

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