Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke in an interview made by 11Alive and explained why he never got tattoos. He said:

I never really thought about why I haven’t. It’s just the idea of somebody sticking needles in me, leaving permanent ink spots on me just seems… It’s sort of like… I don’t know…

Why don’t you eat coal? Or why don’t you jump off the top of the Empire State Building? It just doesn’t seem like within the range of what I would call normal behavior.

But no disrespect, of course, to all people that have tattoos – it’s just not for me. I’ll take the ‘normal behavior’ part out of that. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be offensive. But tattoos are not for me.

If you want to reach the entire interview, click here.

In an earlier interview, frontman James Hetfield described the meaning of his own tattoos. Click here.

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