Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich opened up about the first-ever performance of Metallica during an interview with Louder Sound and revealed that original lead guitarist Dave Mustaine broke a string on his guitar after the first song.

As you may know, Metallica played its first live performance on March 14, 1982, a few months after their formation in late 1981, at Radio City in Anaheim, California, with original bassist Ron McGovney.

Nearly four decades later, Lars Ulrich opened up about that performance and revealed that during their performance of the song ‘Hit The Lights,’ their very first song on the stage, original guitarist Dave Mustaine broke a guitar string and the band kept ongoing.

Ulrich expressed his emotions during the time gap between the first and the second song by stating that it felt like the time period was just like his whole life back then in addition to feeling like a never-ending eternity as he hid behind his drums.

Here is what Ulrich stated about the first gig of Metallica:

“Well, the interesting thing about that first gig was it was just Metallica, on a Sunday night at Radio City in Anaheim, California. And on the very first song, Hit The Lights, Dave Mustaine broke a guitar string, and so the space between the first song and the second song seemed like a never-ending eternity. It felt like my whole life!

I was just sitting up there trying to hide behind these drums. It was the strangest thing. But Dave got the guitar back together and we ended up playing the rest of the set. But there was a significant lull there. Trust me, I start shivering just talking about it now.”

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