metallica, lars ulrich

The legendary drummer of Metallica, Lars Ulrich had a new interview Pollstar’s Kevin Winter and revealed his real thoughts on how long Metallica will be together.

As you will read his statements below, Lars Ulrich thinks that Metallica will last at least two other decades.

Here is what Lars said:

“I’m pretty sure that the notion of us playing or functioning when we’re 76 mentally is not a stretch at all. In terms of the desire to want to play music, connect with each other, connect with the fans and take Metallica music, I think that we can, definitely. I mean, obviously, you know, sanity/insanity aside — which some could argue is certainly a part of what we do. But I’m not worried about that side of this. I think that we’ll always be inspired.

“We’ll always get an incredible joy out of playing music, sharing it with people will always have incredible respect for the audience and will always feel that. Playing is something that keeps us alive. Obviously, the physical part of it is the big unknown. So when you look into the future, when you look into the pipeline, who knows what that will look like?”

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